What are the best products to sell to kickstart your dropshipping business?

Use a measuring tool

Do you want to check the trends of the products that sell the most on the web in Drop? You will be able to analyse which profitable product to market.

You may also want to sell subscriptions or digital products, everything is possible on merchant sites. Selling its services is quite possible!

The easiest way to do this is to use specific tools like google trends or Terepeak. They are great ways to do your market research and see what to sell. The tool most professional dropshippers use is Salehoo (link provided here, https://bit.ly/3sKogcb ) It costs around $10 but gives more in depth analytics products saving valuable time.

You can use it to assess and track the evolution of a product’s popularity Go to sites that talk about new things

Today there are many blogs and sites that only talk about consumer trends in different areas including your industry.

To keep track of sites that can give you ideas for building your catalogue, you can use a content aggregator.

Of course, you will not necessarily get precise product ideas, but you will better understand the evolution of consumption and therefore the evolution of consumer demand.

It is an effective strategy for learning about new consumer trends and getting into business. This is how you can get the best products in the market and sell them in dropshipping.

Go to product testing sites

What could be better than blogs and magazines dedicated to testing new products to discover new E business trends and sell effectively.

You will certainly find some, whatever your sector of activity:

  • Beauty products (Perfumes, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Slimming
  • Gardening
  • Building
  • High-tech
  • Clothing, etc.
  • Digital product

These sites will allow you to identify current trends and find products with high potential for your E-commerce site

You can’t sell just anything, I strongly suggest that you do this upstream work to be profitable and figure out which products to sell Dropshipping.

You will know what is selling on the internet, the most purchased products and what is profitable to sell. You will be able to find what works in Dropshipping.

Use social image sharing networks

To find out more about consumers’ expectations, needs and interests, use social image sharing networks like Instagram or Pinterest . You can find popular products there.

By quickly scrolling through the content of these community networks, you will easily identify products with high potential for sale on an e-commerce or dropshipping site and earn money.

Use B2B and B2C marketplaces

Marketplaces are sites that connect buyers and sellers, or even sellers. You can find dropshipping suppliers there. But also, analyse the best sellers to create a site, the number of products sold and the selling prices.

By looking at products on marketplaces, like Amazon, you can get some ideas on products that can easily close internet sales, and find trending products.

Admittedly, this is a rather tedious and time-consuming task, but one which allows to obtain satisfactory results. Likewise, the dropshipping supplier can guide you on the product idea and provide you with product sheets. Then you can get started and sell on Amazon.

Know how to identify products related to consumer hobbies

According to experts, consumers tend to spend a lot on products suited to their hobbies or passions.

To do this, make a list of the hobbies that correspond to your e-commerce niche, then the products that correspond to these hobbies.

Again, you can use Google Trends for a non-exhaustive list of hobbies and hobbies or online encyclopaedias like Wikipedia .

Stay on top of import trends

Keeping up with import trends is one of the best ways to find high potential products .

By discovering import flows from any country to any destination, you will know what sellers are buying.

At the same time, you will know what is selling the best when you do your little investigation.

Some ideas for Dropshipping products with high potential:

Ecological products

Today, the trend is zero waste and ecology. So I suggest you sell products in this area on your Ecommerce.

In fact, more and more young consumers are making the preservation of the planet an important purchase criterion. Offering a planet-friendly product can therefore generate a lot of interest.

As the abundance of plastic products is one of the problematic subjects for the protection of the planet, why not offer your targets essential, but reusable products such as ecological straws for example.

You have the choice between different subjects such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Bamboo
  • Biodegradable materials

Security related products

Security-related products, in this case home security, will always be popular with e-consumers.

In addition, you can target a large audience with professionals and individuals whether they are owners or tenants.

For example, you can offer products from the security sector such as WiFi surveillance cameras on your e-commerce site.

Do not hesitate to provide articles that compare the different cameras on the market in order to showcase your product.

Accessories adapted to the practice of sport

Thanks to the “eat-and-move” trend, accessories like smartwatches are easily sold. These are niche products for sale in Dropshipping.

According to experts, they sell the most in December to allow consumers to make good resolutions in early spring.

However, smartwatches are also easily sold year round because everyone needs to be active to maintain good health all year round.

Likewise, you can also offer accessories such as wireless Bluetooth headphones, essential for listening to good music while playing sports.

You can also bet on its variants such as:

  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Headphones for swimming
  • Waterproof helmets and many more.

Products powered by solar energy for sale in Dropshipping

With the preservation of the planet, items powered by solar energy are selling like hot cakes on the internet.

For example, you can offer external solar batteries.

Not only do they allow consumers to make their contribution to preserving the environment, but they are also very useful and practical.

These products will undoubtedly appeal to holidaymakers, hikers, but also athletes, especially on sunny days.

I hope this article gave you an insightful view of the world of dropshipping, if you’re interested to learn more and are serious in making money with dropshipping, there is a link which will direct you to a free course that helped me make dropshipping my fulltime income! https://bit.ly/3sKogcb




Medical science graduate, business owner, investor

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Lewis Kelly

Lewis Kelly

Medical science graduate, business owner, investor

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